Welcome to Elite Kids

Food Town

A cheerful place with all the ingredients of love and friendship

Candylane Racers

Racing into another adventure with Giddy Gumdrop and the gang.

Lightning Stardust

Traveling from a distant planet, Lightning is going to discover the meaning of friendship

Seven Kingdoms

Seven Kingdoms brought together by war

PooPoo Baby Dragon

Part of the blue dragon family, PooPoo is destine to have his own story.

Strawberry Darline

Shes always baking up an adventure.

The Eliteverse

The characters and stories of Elite Kids are apart of a bigger universe of characters.


Travel back in time to the island of Prehistoria.

Mini Heroes

Saving the one, one fight at a time

Lonely Lost Girl

Step into the world of Patrice as she discovers what it means to be a hero in a world where you feel like a shadow.

Mini Warriors

Small heroes, big warriors

Mini Villains

There small but dangerous.

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